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A Glance into the Future: Robots in XMIE

2019-04-15 14:53:00 Source: News Center


2019 Xiamen Industrial Exposition opened on April 12. It is understood that the Expo covers an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, and has over 4,000 standard booths, an increase of 10.6% and 14.3% respectively compared to 2018.

In addition to rubber industry, functional devices, Taiwanese enterprises, heavy-duty machinery, machine tools and gear equipment, intelligent manufacturing, this year’s expo also sets up two new sections——fluid equipment and hardware, and rail transit and intelligent logistics.In addition to machine tool equipment, tooling, rubber and plastic machinery and intelligent manufacturing and other four exhibition areas, the new fluid equipment and hardware exhibition area, rail transit and intelligent Logistics exhibition area. The Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition, which is the focus of cross-Strait enterprises and experts, has more than 700 booths. A variety of advanced robots are trying to bring their advantages into full play, and high-end cool automatic and intelligent equipment and software applications are also on display.

This year's Xiamen Industry Exhibition, not only boasts sophisticated automatic and intelligent production equipment, but also has inventions that meet people's daily needs. Changing garbage bags, for some people, is a nuisance. In this year's exhibition, an enterprise devoted to solving the problem of "changing garbage bags", released an intelligent garbage box. Due to its intelligent photoelectric sensors, the intelligent garbage box can accurately capture your action, you can drop rubbish without the need to bend over. If you press a button for 3 seconds, it can automatically change a new garbage bag for you. 

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