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High-End Loaders Delivered to Polar Research Institute of China in XMIE

2019-04-15 07:21:00 Source: News Center


On 12th April, people in the 2019 Xiamen Industrial Expo heard the good news: Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XGMA) to the China Polar Research Center officially delivered a batch of high-end loaders. “In the early days of the national polar exploitation in 1992, XGMA, pass a tight selection, began its commitment to China's polar scientific exploration which has lasted for 27 years,” said Gu Tao, general manager of CCRE Group.

Three XG958H wheel loaders, highly competitive products of XGMA are delivered to Polar Research Institute of China. They will soon be sent to the South Pole, supporting China's polar scientific exploration cause.

It is said that XG958H Loader is a new generation of high-end product. It is improved in the engine, core components of transmission, etc. to adapt to the harsh operating conditions in the Antarctic. XG958H Loader can effectively resist the Antarctic saline oceanic climate erosion and flying dust, stone, and inclement weather conditions. 

Reportedly, 31 service engineers of XGMA had participated in scientific exploration team to the North and South Pole for 25 times by 2019.

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