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GongTai (Xiamen): R&D is Lifeline of New Manufacturing

2019-04-14 16:57:00 Source: News Center


“Our diesel engines on display in the expo not only fill the gaps in the market in Fujian Province, but also look pleasant. Thus, we show our sincerity”, said Lin Limin, sales representative of GongTai (Xiamen) New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GongTai), in the 23rd Xiamen Industry Exposition held in 2019.

GongTai, which is a Sino-British joint venture, is a professional manufacturer devoted to the R&D, production and sales of diesel engine, and diesel generator set. It produces UKKMS® branded diesel generator set. The factory of Gongtai is located in Xiangan Industrial zone in Xiamen, which covers 15000 square meters.

Adhering to high-quality products, GonTai has entered the global market. GonTai is always dedicated to research and development, which are able to be reflected in the production of its sales. “No continuous innovation, no technology improvement”, she added.


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