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2019 Cross-Straits New Economy Forum Opens

2019-04-14 16:26:00 Source: News Center


The 2019 Cross-Strait New Economy Forum was held on April 13th, 2019 in the International Conference Hall at the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center during the 2019 Xiamen Industry Exhibition (XMIE).

To implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, to use the help of policies of capital market restructuring, and to promote the healthy and rapid new-economic growth across the Taiwan Straits the Forum invited experts and scholars, media gurus, major investors and excellent representatives. The Forum provided a platform for exchanging opinions, communicating and establishing friendly relationships for experience sharing, resource integration, technical exchanges and capital financing. It facilitates innovation, transformation and development of cross-Strait enterprises.

The blockchain, one of the hotspots of new economy, has developed from a mere concept to reality.  Yet how to apply the blockchain technology to promote further development of developed economies remains a question. In answering to this, an expert delivered a speech, titled “Innovation Promotes Healthy Development of Blockchain Industry”.

An entrepreneur also gave a speech, “On Unique Value of ‘Micro-Headquarters’ in Innovative Enterprise Management”. A researcher gave an address on how the science and technology innovation board boots enterprise innovation.

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