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History of CXMEE

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--------------------------------- The Ninth CXMEE ---------------------------------


The 9th China Xiamen Machinery & Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE) concluded on April 15 with fruitful results. Thanks to the concerted efforts of all organizing units and all exhibiting enterprises and the support and cooperation of domestic and overseas businesspeople, the CXMEE successfully completed all activities.

This CXMEE showed the following six major features:

I. Machinery and electronics manufacturers from Taiwan and the mainland took an active part in the CXMEE, showcasing a large number of high-tech products from leading enterprises

This CXMEE provided 1,486 booths and 33,000 square meters of exhibition space. The 2005 China (Xiamen) International Exhibition on Solid-State Lighting and the 2005 China (Xiamen) International Automotives & Components Fair, co-organized by the State Solid-State Lighting Project Coordination Leading Group and China Automobile Industry Association during the CXMEE, further enriched the exhibition content of this event. Nearly 1,000 enterprises were represented at the CXMEE and nearly 10,000 varieties of products were exhibited, attracting a large number of well-recognized leading enterprises from across the Taiwan Strait, including Haitian Group, the world’s largest producer of plastic machines, and Taiwan Jinji Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., the world’s largest vertical shaping machine builder. A big number of domestic and overseas high-tech enterprises displayed their products incorporating the latest technologies; for example, Germany-headquartered Karcher, the world’s cleaning machinery giant, showcased more than 10 models to be officially launched in July this year; Beijing Jingdiao Technology Co., Ltd. brought their internationally advanced CNC carving machines and overseas enterprises brought sapphire crystal growth and cutting, round crystal cutting and polishing, and LED manufacturing, testing and inspection equipment, which represented the most sophisticated technologies in the world.

II. Domestic and overseas specialized businesspeople participated actively in the CXMEE, resulting in brisk sales and procurement talks.

As of 12:00, April 15, the CXMEE has attracted 15,168 specialized businesspeople from 39 countries and regions, up 14% over last year, including 3,231 overseas businesspeople, a slight increase over last year.

During the CXMEE, exhibitors and buyers were engaged in very brisk business talks, and most exhibiting enterprises received substantial orders. Yantai Huifeng Electronics Co., Ltd. signed a USD 4 million worth agreement with a Russian businessman and obtained a RMB 600,000 order from domestic clients. Smart Automation Control Co., Ltd. signed RMB 20 million worth of contracts with domestic and overseas businesspeople. Xiamen Huaxian Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd., which had attended the exhibition for five consecutive years, received RMB 4 million worth of orders during the first three days of the exhibition. Zhanfeng Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd., another old client of the CXMEE and the agent of Japan’s Star machinery, sold out 170 sets of Star mechanic hands at the CXMEE, worth more than RMB 11 million. Exhibiting enterprises generally expressed their satisfaction with the results of attending the CXMEE.

The Machinery & Electronics Products Procurement Match-up Seminar, organized by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Trade Development, invited more than 10 overseas specialized procurers including Kai Sharp Ltd. from Hong Kong, Apple Tree File Pte. Ltd. from Singapore, Plastic Industries Incorporated from the US, as well as dozens of suppliers, for brisk business talks.

III. Forums and seminars attract prominent personages from across the strait for the promotion of international exchanges

The organizing committee organized “Cross-Strait Machinery & Electronic Industry Cooperation Forum” and “Cross-Strait Optical Communication Operation & Manufacturing Enterprises’ Roundtable Conference” and invited prominent personages from automobile, photoelectric research and development and manufacturing enterprises in the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong to deliver speeches, thus providing an important platform for the exchanges of manufacturing, academic studies and research between the mainland and Taiwan and for the cooperation, promotion and dissemination of high-tech industries, and building a platform for in-depth exchanges and the exploration of cooperation possibilities for the industries.

The 2005 China (Xiamen) International Solid-State Lighting Forum and a series of seminars, jointly organized by the National Solid-State Lighting Project Coordination Leading Group Office, China Lighting Society and China Association of Lighting Appliances during the CXMEE, attracted eminent experts and scholars from the global solid-state lighting field who delivered speeches, making the forum a grand event showcasing the world’s solid-state research and development achievements and providing an opportunity for the cooperation between the mainland and Taiwan in the solid-state lighting area.

IV. CXMEE has become a bridge for economic and trade exchanges widely recognized by industries across the strait

The CXMEE attracted 10-plus specialized chambers of commerce, including Taiwan Electric & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, and lured 100-strong manufacturers and many specialized procurers to attend the exhibition for business talks, thus providing the best channel and bridge for the penetration of Taiwanese productions into the mainland market, the penetration of mainland products into the Taiwanese market, and the joint tapping of the global market by both sides. Mr. Zheng Fuxiong, director-general of Taiwan Electric & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association said, “The CXMEE has become better organized and more successful; in the coming years, we will organize more Taiwanese enterprises to attend the exhibition. After years of hard efforts, Taiwanese enterprises were eventually allowed to sail directly to Xiamen for the CXMEE, which will usher in a new chapter in cross-strait exchanges.”

The CXMEE follows closely up on the latest products and achievements in the machinery and electronic industries across the strait and in the world; it has not only promoted bilateral trade exchanges across the strait, but also contributed to the Xiamen’s industry upgrading and structural adjustment and provided an important platform for the conversion of technological achievements in the economic zone on the west side of Taiwan Strait. China’s top four solid-state lighting bases in Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang and Xiamen joined hands with Taiwan Photoelectric Alliance in showcasing their products, creating a “photoelectric boom” in Xiamen, Fujian and even the entire country.

V. Supporting activities were themed around cross-strait exchanges and a rich diversity of activities were staged

The CXMEE has consistently been themed around “Transactions, Exchanges and Making Friends”, and a great diversity of activities were organized and staged to promote exchanges and understanding between both sides of Taiwan Strait. On the evening of April 11, the completion ceremony for the large-scaled “Bright Moon over the Sea” urban sculptures triggers the longing of people on both sides of Taiwan Strait for a reunion. Mr. Wu Jinzhong, a Taiwanese businessman said, “I hope that this bridge of bright moon will deepen the economic, trade and cultural exchanges between the two sides of Taiwan Strait and promote the grand reunion of the Chinese nation.” Officials from Linqi, Shangdong and Xuzhou, Jiangsu also took advantage of the CXMEE to conduct a few economic and trade colloquia. The Strait Talents Exchange Fair and special technical lectures organized by the organizing committee of the CXMEE also provided information on investment, technology and talents.

VI. Efforts of the CXMEE to build a first-class brand to produced results

With the expansion of its influence and name recognition, the CXMEE has not only attracted a large number of machinery and electronics enterprises from across Taiwan Strait, but also lured businesses from Europe, the US, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian nations. The scale, exhibitors’ mix and the technological content of the exhibited products have greatly improved. The CXMEE has become an exhibition and transaction base for high-tech products from across Taiwan Strait and the Asia-Pacific region. Dr. Liu Rongsheng, head of the Photoelectric Division of Taiwan Engineering Research Institute said, “The extension of exhibited products at the CXMEE to photoelectric commodities will help the CXMEE to become larger and stronger; the CXMEE is likely to become a world-class large-scaled exhibition.” The CXMEE also attracted intense attention from domestic and overseas media; 20-plus central and overseas media organizations, including Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, People’s Daily, CCTV, China International Radio, China Daily, Economic Daily, Science & Technology Daily, Hong Kong’s WenWei Po and Phoenix Satellite TV, and Taiwan’s Eastern Multimedia Group, TVBS Station, and Taiwan Business Post and 300-odd reporters from Xiamen and Fujian covered the events. The extensive coverage of the events by the media has greatly improved the name recognition of the CXMEE.

The 10th CXMEE will take place in Xiamen on April 12-15, 2006; we look forward to seeing you again on the Island of Egret.