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History of CXMEE

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--------------------------------- The Eighth CXMEE ---------------------------------


The 8th China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE) concluded on the afternoon of April 15 with fruitful results.This CXMEE tracked high-tech development, promoted the linkage of manufacture and research, expanded its staging, attracted a larger number of participants, and witnessed a big number of deals clinched. The event proved to be huge success. Following is a summary of this CXMEE:

I. Big-name enterprises from both sides of Taiwan Straits were represented at the event, the percentage of high-tech products and new products further increased, and the proportion of repeated participants continued to rise.

This CXMEE continued to attract intense attention of enterprises across Taiwan Straits, providing more than 1200 standard booths and attracting nearly 900 enterprises. Compared with previous years, the CXMEE this year had better specialization in terms of participating enterprises and exhibits.

1. More big-name enterprises were represented at the event. A large number of domestic and international big-name businesses continue to be represented, including Japan’s Fuji-Xerox, Hitachi, HP, Sumitomo, Japan’s Komatsu Forklift Trucks, Japan’s OTC Welders, the US WD-40 Inc., Germany’s Phoenix Co., Taiwan’s Yann Bang, Taiwan’s Shini Heaters, Taiwan’s Sanyang Welders, Amoi, XOCECO, Haitian Machinery, Liuzhou Engineering Machinery, Haitai Plastic Machinery, and Malata.

2. A big number of repeated participants attend the event. Final statistics indicate that as much as 70% of the enterprises at this CXMEE have attended two or more CXMEEs; some of repeated participants even expanded their exhibition space here. These repeated participants were the major players at the event.

3. A large number of high-tech products were displayed. The optical electronics industry is the most technology-intensive industry in the electromechanical field. For the first time in the CXMEE history, a dedicated area was set up to showcase optical electronics, attracting the participation of nearly 100 relevant businesses from both sides of Taiwan Straits, and significantly improving the technical content of the exhibition. Precision machinery and general-purpose machinery were the predominant exhibits at the event, taking up nearly 700 booths and attracting nearly 300 enterprises, many of which were industry leaders. The CXMEE had become an important window for the display of machinery and electronics from across the Straits.

II. A much greater number of domestic and international businesspeople attended the event, with brisk trade talks and growing benefits for attendees.

The number of professional businesspeople, particularly those from abroad, increased dramatically over the previous year. As of 12:00 am, April 15, the CXMEE has attracted a total of 13269 professional businesspeople from 39 countries and regions, up 26% over the previous year, including 3128 overseas businesspeople, up 46% over the previous year. Taiwan remained the source of the largest number of overseas businesspeople, with 1631 Taiwanese businesspeople attending, accounting for more than half of overseas businesspeople. Major participating countries and regions included the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the United States, the UK, Germany and the Middle East.

At the CXMEE, exhibitors and visitors held amicable business negotiations, and a lot of enterprises received substantial orders. Compared with internal sales, exhibiting enterprises achieved even better results in export trade. A sample survey by the Organizing Committee indicates that the overwhelming majority of exhibiting enterprises clinched business deals at the CXMEE and expressed their satisfaction with the result of exhibiting at the CXMEE. In terms of the business deals concluded, the CXMEE is not only an ideal stage for mainland enterprises to tap into the Taiwanese market, but also an effective platform for Taiwanese businesses to tap into the mainland market and enterprises on both sides to join hands to penetrate the international marketplace.

III. The seminars at the CXMEE featured a better and more practical selection of topics and received favorable comments from exhibitors and visitors.

With the increasing sophistication of the staging of the CXMEE, the popularity of the seminars at the CXMEE was going up rapidly. The CXMEE offered six forums and special seminars, attracting intense attention from exhibitors and visitors alike, with the number of attendees reaching 3000.

Most seminars at the CXMEE are themed around the subject of optical electronics. Prominent personages who spoke at the forum included Wu Ling, director of the Key Projects Management Office of China’s Semi-conductor Lighting Research and Development Program; Luo Huaijia, executive director of the Industry Policy Research Institute of Taiwan Electric and Electronic Manufacturers Association; Liu Rongsheng, director of Taiwan Optical Communication Industry Alliance; Zhao Zisen, academician of China Academy of Engineering and senior technical advisor of Wuhan Posts & Telecommunications Research Institute; Shi Xiu, executive supervisor of Taiwan Electric and Electronic Manufacturers Association and managing director of its Optical Electronics Commission; and Eric G Lean, academician with Academia Sinica. Their speeches were all themed around the exchange and cooperation across the Straits and the joint efforts of the two sides to tap into the international market.

The seminars at the CXMEE featured not only a high level of authority, but also strong relevance and practicality. The Seminar on Anti-dumping of Machinery and Electronic Products and the Seminar on How to Tap into the Taiwanese Machinery and Electronic Market were strongly relevant to the operations of attending enterprises and received lavish praises from attendees.

IV. The CXMEE provided a great diversity of activities and a full range of efficient services.

In order to enrich the contents of the event, during the CXMEE, the Organizing Committee organized a number of supporting activities, including a CXMEE Cup Golf Tournament and dedicated artistic performance, creating a pleasant ambience for attending businesspeople to negotiate business deals, exchange viewpoints and make friends.

In order to provide domestic and international businesspeople with a pleasant and safe environment, Xiamen municipal government devoted much attention to the work of comprehensive logistical support, and made meticulous arrangements for security, health, transportation, accommodation, catering and city beautification. The Organizing Committee also improved its staging services, conferencing services, business services, exhibition site management, information access, and new coverage. For example, an online CXMEE was set up for the time on the CXMEE machinery and trade net, with all attending exhibitors granted gold memberships, which improved their chance of clinching business deals. The News Center of the CXMEE also provided dedicated interview rooms to reporters to conduct exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs. These value-added services and measures were highly commented by exhibitors.

The success of the CXMEE was attributable to the strong support of related state agencies and leaders. Li Tieying, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress took advantage of his investigation tour of Fujian to visit the CXMEE and sang high praise of the event. An Min, deputy minister of the Ministry of Commer and Ye Shuangyu, vice governor of Fujian Provincial People’s Government were also present at the exhibition and put forward valuable suggestions for the future development of the CXMEE. Besides, machinery and electronics offices from 21 provinces and municipalities organized delegations to participate in the exhibition.

The CXMEE drew intense interest of industry associations and industrial and commercial communities across Taiwan Straits. The New Material Industry Productivity Promotion Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Cross-Straits Technology Exchange Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan Optical Communication Alliance and Taiwan Semiconductor Lighting Union gave a helping hand to the organizers of the CXMEE. A total of 15 industrial and commercial associations and professional organizations were represented at the event, including Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association, Taiwan Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, Taipei Industrial Society, Taipei Commercial Society, Taichung World Trade Center, Taiwan Optical Communications Industry Alliance, Taiwan Putai Port Development Council, Changhua Industrial Society, Philippine Economic and Trade Investigation Team, Malaysian Consulate General in Shanghai, and Hong Kong & Xiamen Friendship Association.

The Organizing Committee has announced that the 9th CXMEE will continue to be jointly sponsored by China Machinery and Electronics Import and Export Commerce, Taiwan Electric and Electronic Manufacturers Association and Xiamen Municipal People’s Government on April 12-15, 2005 at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center. We are looking forward to the continued support of the central authorities, all provinces and municipalities, and business friends from across Taiwan Straits. We are convinced that with our concerted efforts, the CXMEE will play a bigger role in cross-straits economic and trade exchanges.

Let’s meet again next spring on this Egret Island.