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History of CXMEE

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--------------------------------- The Seventh CXMEE ---------------------------------


The 7th China Xiamen Machinery & Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE) concluded on the afternoon of April 16 with fruitful results. The overall sophistication of the staging of the present CXMEE continued to improve and a significant number of business transactions were clinched, making the exhibition a great success. Following is a summary of the event:

I. The present CXMEE featured a higher level of specialization, with a higher concentration of displayed commodities and a higher proportion of new- and high-tech products.

As the largest annual economic and trade event and biggest machinery and trade exhibition across Taiwan Straits, the present CXMEE continued to attract intense attention from the business communities across the Straits. Compared with previous ones, the present CXMEE featured a higher level of sophistication, which was evident by the following facts: 1. The quality and sophistication of the present CXMEE improved; the proportion of high-tech commodities and new products had risen dramatically; precision machinery and general-purpose machinery represented the largest category of exhibited products at the exhibition. These exhibits generally reflect the existing technical level on both sides of the Straits. Mr. Luo Huaijian, managing director of the Industrial Policies Research Institute of Taiwan Electric and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association commented after a tour of the exhibition that the CXMEE featured a relatively high technical content and had the potential of becoming the exposition center of high-tech products in the Asia-Pacific region. 2. The level of specialization rose noticeably. In order to strengthen the cooperation in the machinery and electronic sectors across the Straits, the Organizing Committee adjusted the layout of the staging by adding the percentage of machinery booths, which numbered 700, accounting for over 50 percent of the overall exhibition space, and making it possible to achieve a higher concentration of exhibited commodities and to facilitate specialized staging. Exhibitors and visitors also showed a higher degree of specialization. Most exhibiting enterprises and visiting business people expressed satisfaction at the large number of professionals attending the exhibition. 3. The percentage of repeated participants rose by a big margin; the CXMEE enjoys tremendous popularity among leading enterprises. In recent years, as the sophistication of the CXMEE has continued to rise and the benefits of presence at the exhibition has begun to manifest, more and more satisfied exhibitors are coming back. Statistics from the Organizing Committee shows that as many as 58% of enterprises have been here before; more noticeably, a lot of big-name enterprises have joined the exhibition more than twice, including Panasonic from Japan, Festo from Germany, Epson, Taiwan Union Plastic and Shilin Electric Motor, L. K. from Hong Kong.

II. The overall number of procurers at the exhibition approached the size of the previous year and transactions continued to boom, with the overwhelming majority of attendees satisfied with the present CXMEE.

As a consequence of certain special factors, the number of overseas visitors dropped considerably; however, domestic procurers and professionals streamed in. Statistics from the Registration Center of the Organizing Committee indicated that as of moon of April 16, 10,539 domestic and international professionals had visited the exhibition, approximately the same number last year, including 8,396 domestic procurers and 2,143 overseas specialized business people. Compared with previous years, the sophistication of visitors to the present CXMEE rose noticeably. Statistics showed that 70% of attendees were middle-level management personnel in procurement, and 15% were high-level company executives, who had decision-making authority over the procurement of products.

A significant number of exhibiting enterprises captured substantial orders from the exhibition. A random survey indicated that most attendees met more business professionals over last year and reported higher transaction values. Xinchangjia Machinery and Electronic Technical Service Company, a large-scale machinery building enterprise, signed a single sales contract worth RMB 5 million for 50 units with a Fujian-based company; Haitain Machinery Co., Ltd. clinched deals worth RMB 3.2 million and signed letters of intent for more than RMB 6 million; Hong Kong Donghua Machinery Co., Ltd. also brought home RMB 7 million worth of transactions. In addition, Sumitomo from Japan, Festo from Germany, Autonics from South Korea and Hanchuan Machinery from Shaanxi all captured new orders at the exhibition. Besides getting orders at the venue of the exhibition, many more enterprises met with new potential clients. Taiwan Union Plastic Machinery had attended the exhibition three times; officials with the company indicated that clients they met at the previous CXMEE placed orders worth RMB 4 million and they met new clients in this year. As a Level I agent for South Korea’s LG Corp., Xiamen Jiacheng Ltd. managed to double its sales after attending the exhibition last year, with most of its new clients coming from the exhibition. A survey by the Organizing Committee revealed that the vast majority of attending enterprises met new clients and were satisfied with the effect of participation in the exhibition.

III. The series of seminars and related activities were professional and pragmatic and highly rated by attendees.

This CXMEE also witnessed the careful organizing of three professional, to-the-point and practical seminars, which featured the following conspicuous characteristics of professionalism, timeliness and orientation toward the clients. All three seminars were aimed at serving clients and promoting the corporate management and the penetration of machinery and electronic market, allow attendees access to valuable information. For the first time, the Organizing Committee adopted the “inverse procurement” model and hosted the Multinational Procurement Seminar for Machinery and Electronic Manufacturing Sectors and built an information platform for trade negotiations. Incomplete statistics showed that about 20 projects had been clinched at the seminars, worth USD 6 million. Officials from Global Sources, a leading trading intermediary organization, were invited to deliver speeches on how to better identify the needs of buyers and how to win new clients. All speakers at the seminar had a strong technical background and came from enterprises, academia and industry associations. Their insights provided tremendous benefits from corporate management.

IV. The organizing of the CXMEE was pragmatic and highly efficient.

The present CXMEE suffered a number of unexpected factors in its process of preparation, including the postponement of the exhibition by one day to avoid coincidence with the multinational procurement seminar, the outbreak of SARS and the war in Iraq. Confronted with these unfavorable factors, the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee and Xiamen Municipal Government, as well as the Organizing Committee, acted promptly to tackle these factors. Throughout the exhibition, the Organizing Committee increased health facilities, offered free anti-virus drinks, provided disinfections for all halls at the end of each day, and installed protective shields in the Registration Center. All these measures helped to ensure a smooth progress of the present CXMEE.

Through constant exploration over the past years and by drawing on advanced international experience, the various organizations and services of the CXMEE have improved its standardization and maturity, with all services provided in accordance with international standards. Additionally, in order to be in line with international practices, the Organizing Committee has decided that effective this year, the CXMEE will no longer publish transaction data.

Forum & Seminars:

1. Forum on Cross-Straits Cooperation in Machinery & Electronics Sectors

2. Multinational Procurement Seminar