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History of CXMEE

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--------------------------------- The Twentieth CXMEE ---------------------------------

This year is the start of China’s “13th Five-year” Plan and crucial year of reform of the supply front; also, the advancement and implementation of strategies like “Made in China 2025”, “Internet +”, and Free Trade Zone will powerfully promote transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and further development of the industrial economy. Meanwhile, the overall layout of intelligent manufacturing will bring new development opportunities to the cooperation and upgrading of cross-straits industries. On the occasion of this good opportunity, XMIE this time will further focus on the theme of “intelligent manufacturing”, exhibit and gather the cutting-edge industries, hold high-end forums and efficient matchmaking activities, lead the industrial development, sing the strongest voice of cross-straits intelligent manufacturing, and spare no efforts to build a grand event for industry flagship shows and industrial cooperation facing both sides of the Taiwan Straits and enjoying great prestige internationally. Commissioned by the Organizing Committee, next, I will introduce the overall preparations of this grand event:
I. Authorities spare no efforts to join CXMEE, and the 20th anniversary of CXMEE continues glory.
Since the founding in 1997, under the joint cultivation of the industrial circle from both sides of the Taiwan Straits and with the development of the cross-straits economy, CXMEE (XMIE) develops from nothing, expands from small to large, sings highly all the way, walks from both sides of the Taiwan Straits to the world, expands its scale year by year, enriches its connotations gradually, highlights its professional nature with each passing day, improves its platform unceasingly, and initiates multiple firsts. It has already passed the nearly 20 years’ course, witnessed the history of economic and trade development in both sides of the Taiwan Straits, effectively promoted the communication, transactions and friendship between the two sides, set up a rare excellent platform for the communication, cooperation and hand-in-hand development of international platforms between the industrial circle in two sides of the Taiwan Straits, become a grand platform integrating the world’s advanced productivity and industrial economic development of the both sides, and made active contributions to promoting the common prosperity of the cross-straits economy and facilitating the peaceful reunification of the motherland. On this occasion, the 20th anniversary celebration will be held, and the “Two-decade Outstanding Contribution Award” will be presented to 30 units and institutions supporting and participating in the preparation and organization of CXMEE for a long time, to extend appreciations to the relevant institutions and enterprises from all social walks of life for their long-term active participation in and support to CXMEE.

20 years’ searching and 20 years’ exploration and innovation cast the glory of this grand event. Brand influences are expanding in the industry exhibition in both sides of the Taiwan Straits, which are preferred by authorities in the industry circle across the Taiwan Straits, and they take an active part in it. First, China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF) spares no efforts to join the co-sponsor. Since the transformation and upgrading last year, XMIE has always been based on the “international, professional and market-based” development orientation ad striven to build itself into a high-end platform for industry flagship shows and industrial cooperation facing both sides of the Taiwan Straits and enjoying great prestige internationally. CMIF’s joining of the co-sponsor this time will integrate the current channels to develop both parties’ in-depth cooperation, fully play its bridge role, and promote XMIE’s strengthening and enlarging with other sponsors. Second, Taiwan Federation of Industry joins the co-sponsor of the 2016 Cross-straits Industry Cooperation Forum for the first time. The 2016 Cross-straits Industry Cooperation Summit will further enhance its own professional level and international influences based on the successful holding last year. The first participation of Taiwan Federation of Industry into the co-sponsor will create a new opportunity for cross-straits industry exchange and cooperation; the upgrading cooperation of cross-straits hi-tech industries and industrial parks will be deeply discussed and how intelligent transformation comes to the traditional manufacturing industry by virtue of the Internet of Things and big data analysis in the era of Industry 4.0 will also be discussed; the development trend of cross-straits industry Internet will be forecast and the deep integration of information and industry will be promoted. Besides, Taiwan professional associations like the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) and Chinese Fluid Power Association also join the co-sponsor one after another, so XMIE is further reinforced in the holding strength, further improved in authority, further enhanced in influences, and more manifested in its status as a high-end platform for cross-straits industrial cooperation.

II. Widen the industry circle and enrich the exhibition content.
XMIE this year follows the new development trend, shoulders new missions, adheres to the concept of “Industry Exposition”, focuses on expansion of the exhibition scale in the area of expertise, highlights the “trading” function, presents the magnetic field effect of the gathering of professional exhibitors and traveling merchants, that of industry manufacturing equipment, that of hi-tech achievements and that of market information, and fully manifests its brand-new image of “Industry Exposition” after renaming.

The overall exhibition area of XMIE is up to 100,000m2 and 4,300 international standard booths are set up, all of which hit the all-time high. Set up and plan seven major specialized exhibition areas including the machine tool equipment, industrial robot & automation, tool & mould, rubber & plastic industry, new energy & green protection, engineering machinery, and advertising technical printing & packaging, embracing more than ten types in the industry circle. In the same term, the 5th Haixi (Xiamen) International New Energy Industry Expo & Summit Forum, 2016 China (Xiamen) International Engineering Machinery Exhibition, and 2016 Xiamen Advertising Printing Exhibition will be held.

III. Professional traveling merchants gather, and the brand effect is prominent.
Since transformation and upgrading, XMIE wins more attention from and widespread participation by celebrities from all walks of life. Important guests present at XMIE mainly include relevant leaders like Chen Deming, president of Association for Relations across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS), Wang Ruixiang, president of CMIF, Li Chuan, former vice governor of the People’s Government of Fujian Province and president of Fujian Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Confederation, Sun Tong, head of Department of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce, Zhang Yujing, president of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), Wang Liaoping, president of Association of Economy and Trade across Taiwan Straits, Li Rongmin, director of Taipei Office of CCCME, Ma Guodong, deputy chief of Department of Integration of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, while overseas guests mainly include heavyweights from Taiwan industrial and commercial associations such as Zhan Huosheng, chairman of Cross-straits Common Market Foundation, Liao Wanlong, president of Taiwan Council for Industrial and Commercial Development, Zheng Fuxiong, vice president of Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA), Wu Fatian, vice president of General Chamber of Commerce of Taipei, Hong Yuling, deputy GM of World Trade Center Taichung, Xie Qijia, supervisor of the Allied Association for Science Park Industries, Zhang Wenlong, secretary general of Taiwan Federation of Industry, Qiu Yiche, deputy secretary general of Taiwan Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Xie Wenjie, secretary general of the Chinese Fluid Power Association.

To improve the actual effect of XMIE, the Organizing Committee focuses more on inviting substantial professional business associations from both sides of the Taiwan Straits and professional buyers both at home and abroad, actively attempts the new mode of inviting traveling merchants, makes great efforts to innovate the investment-attraction means, and expands professional investment-attraction via multiple channels and approaches, and good results have been achieved. By the end of the noon of April 11, more than then overseas industry & commerce groups and institutions like the Cross-straits Common Market Foundation, Taiwan Council for Industrial and Commercial Development, Taiwan Federation of Industry and Commerce, Taiwan Federation of Industry, TEEMA, Commerce of Taipei, the Allied Association for Science Park Industries, the Chinese Fluid Power Association and Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics group as delegations to participate in XMIE. Meanwhile, numerous professional traveling merchants from more than ten countries and regions like the U.S., Germany, Japan, Korea, Israel, HK, and Macao also take an active part in XMIE. Besides, institutions and business associations from vast domestic provinces and cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangxi Province, Jiangxi Province, Jilin Province, Pingdingshan and Longyan also group as delegations to take part in XMIE. In is expected that over 40,000 professional traveling merchants at home and abroad will gather at XMIE and share the tremendous business opportunities brought by the cross-straits economic & trade cooperation.

IV. Focus on intelligent manufacturing, and lead industrial development. XIME this time meets the tide of “Industry 4.0”, highlights the feature of “integration, intelligence and automation”, and mainly invites nearly 100 domestic and foreign famous industrial robotics and automation manufacturers; therefore, well-known brands and leading enterprises in the manufacturing field from the U.S., Germany, Japan, and China will appear at XIME intensively, and the cutting-edge products within the industry like the high & new technology, various robots, etc. will be strongly launched. XMIE is with major features as below:
First, intelligent manufacturing lightens the grand ceremony. With the rise of German “Industry 4.0” dominated by intelligent manufacturing on the commanding height of the manufacturing industry, the intelligent manufacturing industry tide is sweeping across the globe. In allusion to this wave of industrial revolution, at XMIE, the charm of intelligent manufacturing will also be shown and the technical application of intelligent manufacturing with “Industry 4.0” as the development orientation in the relevant industries will be intensively presented. Nearly 100 domestic and foreign famous industrial robotics and automatic manufacturers including Vibot Industrial Robotics, Mingxin, VIA, Aotaike, Think Metal, SHINI, Alfa, TOPSTAR, KAIBOER, and SONGXING appear at XMIE will appear at XMIE, to show numerous brands including KUKA, ABB, FANUC, MOTOMAN, NACHI, OTC, YAMAHA, Omron, Panasonic, as well as domestic Vibot, STEP, GSK, SIERT, EURA, and KEYSHOW which are independently developed; high & new technology and the cutting-edge products within the industry are intensively displayed in the exhibition area of beyond 9,000m2. Among them, welding robots, robot palletizers, handling robots, spraying robots, etc. will come up onto the stage, to vividly show the most advanced technological achievements in the current industry.
Second, share intelligent manufacturing and lead the industrial transformation. The Organizing Committee of this XMIE will closely follow the current new trend of Industry 4.0 and “Made in China 2025” and push out a series of high-end and professional forums within the industry, involving: the Organizing Committee will hold the 2016 Cross-straits Automation Intelligence Industry Forum with CCCME and TEEMA, the 2016 Cross-Straits Industry Cooperation Summit with China Industrial Cooperation Association and Taiwan Federation of Industry, and also the Fujian Wind Industry Development Forum, Green Energy Saving and Smart City Development Forum, New Energy Auto Parts Technological Innovation Forum, 2016 China Wearable Computing Innovation Industry Summit, “Dual Engine” Era Prospects & Traditional Energy Industry Transformation and Upgrading Forum, etc. Numerous authorities, celebrities and experts within the industry, and scholars will gather XMIE, to deeply analyze and discuss the future development trend and transformation way of intelligent industry and intelligent manufacturing across the Taiwan Straits.
Third, hold Special Matchmaking Symposium on “Intelligent Manufacturing and Exchange Labor with Machines”. In September 2015, the People’s Government of Xiamen Municipality introduced Ten Measures on Speeding up Development of Intelligent Manufacturing, to provide subsidies to the intelligent technological transformation projects of provincial-level leading enterprises and the construction of model intelligent manufacturing factories (workshops) by preponderant enterprises in Xiamen. To cooperate the launch of the policy, the Organizing Committee of XMIE will hold the Matchmaking Symposium on “Intelligent Manufacturing and Exchange Labor with Machines” together with Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology; on that occasion, the Organizing Committee will organize the matchmaking discussion between major industrial technological transformation enterprises and enterprises for industry robotics and automation present at XMIE.
V. Highlight the characteristics of both sides of the Taiwan Straits and promote industry cooperation.
The Organizing Committee of this XMIE will closely follow the new development trend, hot industry sports and investment trend across the Taiwan Straits, and elaborately plan a series of substantial and brilliant forums, symposiums and special project connection activities, mainly containing: First, famous brands and leading enterprises across the Taiwan Straits take an enthusiastic part in XMIE. As a grand event for the industry field across the Taiwan Straits, XMIE is quite preferred by vast well-known brands and leading enterprises, attracting not only a lot of domestic big industry shots like HAN'S LASER, Dineng Laser, Beijing Jingdiao, PENTA CHUTIAN, Jaingsu Yawei, Haitian Plastics Machinery, L.K. Group, and Chenggong Machine, but more famous Taiwan and overseas brands such as Taiwan Gaofeng, FFG, SHE HONG, and SHINI. These brands and enterprises appear at XMIE to display the advanced equipment and intensively show the new development trend and new hot spots of the current industry machinery.
Second, hold the 2016 Cross-straits Economic and Trade Forum. This year, together with the Association of Economy and Trade across Taiwan Straits and Cross-straits Common Market Foundation, the Organizing Committee will hold the 2016 Cross-straits Economic and Trade Forum at the Cross-straits Youth Entrepreneurship Base; the theme of XMIE is “New Impetus- Cross-straits Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cooperation”. On that occasion, important guests like Chen Deming, president of ARATS, Wang Liaoping, president of Association of Economy and Trade across Taiwan Straits, Zhan Huosheng, chairman of Cross-straits Common Market Foundation, and Liao Wanlong, president of Taiwan Council for Industrial and Commercial Development, as well as well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the industrial circle and academic circle across the Taiwan Straits will go up on the stage to deliver speeches. In addition, to promote the entrepreneurship exchange and cooperation between youths from both sides of the Taiwan Straits, the XIME supporting activity of this Forum - “Cross-straits Youth Entrepreneurship Contest” will be held for the first time this year, which will bring the maker space cooperation with more than 20 cities across China.
Third, hold the Cross-straits Hot Issue Seminar and New Product Release Conference. During XMIE, multiple symposiums, seminars, and news conferences on the new technology, new products and new process in the electrical & mechanical field such as the Cross-straits E-commerce Forum, 2016 Cross-straits Commercial Forum, Cross-straits Advertising Industry Development Forum, Cross-straits Printing Industry Symposium, Haixi LED Thermal Management Seminar, Positioning of B2B Enterprises in the Internet Era Forum, 2016 Xiamen Innovation And Entrepreneurship Sharing Seasion Thousand Forum and 2016 MADcon Search Sharing Seminar will also be held, all of which will set up an efficient platform for enterprises across the Taiwan Straits to chase the most cutting-edge technology and release the latest industrial information.
VI. Gather high-end elements and thus make the radiating and driving capability enhanced. XMIE this year further plays the function of gathering high-end industry factors as an industry gala and the role of a regional leading city in Xiamen, drives the industrial development of surrounding cities, assists surrounding cities in industry upgrading, and forms a good development pattern of sharing regional resources, complementing each’ advantages, and benefiting mutually.
First, the People’s Government of Longyan Municipality takes part in XMIE on a large scale. As a joint organizer of XMIE, the People’s Government of Longyan Municipality will set up “Longyan Pavilion” covering an area of over 1,000 m2, to intensively show the manufacturing industry with advantages in Longyan including the sanitary equipment, special purpose vehicle, engineering machinery, hardware, LED, printing & packaging, introduction to Longyan investment environment, etc., and hold a series of excellent activities like the Opening Ceremony of “Longyan Pavilion” and the Matchmaking Meeting for Famous High-quality Industry Products in Longyan, thus effectively promoting the further advancement of the industry radiating & driving role of XMIE.
Second, the People’s Government of Fuzhou Municipality, Jiangxi Province appears at XMIE to a high standard and in all directions. The People’s Government of Fuzhou Municipality, Jiangxi Province pays high attention to the platform effect of XMIE, so senior leaders of Fuzhou lead the delegation in person to XMIE, and the “Fuzhou Pavilion” will be established. On that occasion, the Fuzhou-to-Taiwan investment environment, key industries and projects for Fuzhou-to-Taiwan investment attraction, development of the mechanical & electrical industry in Fuzhou, key electrical & mechanical enterprises and products in Fuzhou will be presented to everybody at XMIE. Besides, the Fuzhou-to-Taiwan Industry Cooperation Promotion will be held, and it is believed to definitely share business opportunities and realize the win-win situation with XMIE.
Third, the delegation of the People’s Government of Shanxi Province group takes an enthusiastic part in XMIE. To promote the exchange and cooperation between Shanxi Province and Xiamen, by virtue of investment attraction and industrial upgrading for industry in Shanxi Province driven by XMIE, the People’s Government of Shanxi Province will arrange with a delegation involving more than 100 people from key enterprises in each city of Shanxi Province to participate in XMIE, and will hold the Matchmaking Meeting for Promotion of Key Projects in Emerging industries in Shanxi Province, to mainly boost the cooperation in industries like energy conservation & environmental protection, equipment manufacturing, medical food, etc.