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History of CXMEE

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--------------------------------- The Eighteenth CXMEE ---------------------------------

The 18th CXMEE concludes with fruitful outcome


After four days of splendid execution, the 18th China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE) concluded on April 15, with a handful of gratifying outcomes.


Until noon April 15, there were in total 120,000 visit in the exhibition center. They came from 39,682 visitors of 32 countries, amongst which 4,985 were overseas visitors. The majority of the overseas visitors came from Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, France, Canada, UK, Southeast Asia, Middle East etc. Taiwan is the biggest source of overseas visitors, with 2,328 people, making up 46.6 percent of the total visitors. Compared to previous sessions, this year also saw an increase of domestic visitors and groups. It shows that after years of development, CXMEE has grown to be the No.1 machinery and electronics exhibition in China.


The Cross Strait Outstanding Product Exhibition received warm welcome from citizens of Xiamen. It features 130 Taiwanese sellers with 250 stalls. Half of the 10,00 products on display there were in Xiamen for the first time. They showcases vividly the taste and essence of Taiwan.


Most of the exhibitors indicated that the result of the exhibition met their exception and 90 percent of them received considerable amount of sales orders and cooperation plans with other enterprises. World leading machinery tool company, Mazak obtained orders worth of RMB 8 million yuan. Taiwan machinery tool association including Doodway, Awea, Youji and Twinhorn appeared at the exhibition for the first time and reached intent agreement worth of 11 million yuan. Taiwanese company Hartford came to the event with four samples of their digital process center, which all have been booked, bringing them over 4 million yuan. Haitian Plastics Machinery, which has been coming to the event continuously for 15 years made a 20 million yuan sales at the scene. Mingjin Robot Technologies from Fujian reached intent sales agreement of 15 million yuan. Other exhibitors have also yielded good results, thanks to the productive platform provided by CXMEE.


In terms of the project matchmaking sessions, the Corss-Stait Investment and Trade Project Matchmaking Symposium is held for the first time in corporation with Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA), involving areas such as biomedicine, energy conservation and environment protection, leisure agriculture and machinery and electronics. There were more than 20 Taiwanese companies presented. They were set up with another 100 companies from the mainland for cooperation purposes. The result is that 15 projects were signed with over 950 million yuan. The 2014 Cross Straits Lighting Buying and Project Matchmaking Conference combined 15 international buyers from Europe and the Middle East and 100 suppliers from across the straits. Within one day CXMEE stage nearly 250 project matchmaking sessions for them, bringing 60 million US dollar intent sales orders. At the Cross Straits Wine Product Matchmaking Symposium 13 agreements were signed, worth of 11 million yuan and 30 wine companies have agreed to join the project of Wine Bank. The Cross Strait Agricultural Project Matchmaking Symposium facilitated three intent contracts of 20 million yuan. It benefited nearly 30 Taiwanese enterprises including the Taiwan Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association, Jianfeng Trading, Shunxing Tea factory, promoted the market of Taiwanese agricultural product and fruit planting in the mainland. Besides the project matchmaking sessions, during CXMEE there were also various roadshows and other activities that bought many intent contracts and cooperation opportunities to participants.


The exhibition of the 18th CXMEE showed three noticeable characteristics. First the planning of the exhibition floor is more professional. Second it features machinery equipment companies, especially those of machinery tools, plastics machineries and welding whose exhibitors increased dramatically. Thirdly green technologies, energy-saving industries and high-tech products became the biggest highlights of the event.


Innovation is one of the principles of CXMEE. It is also source that drive the improvement of CXMEE. In this new epoch, the organizing committee actively sought changes, promoting frugality and modernization. By incorporating the latest technologies, it assist the cooperation of cross-strait industries in an effective, attractive and innovative manner. Moreover, the organizers introduced innovative service measures and made full use of the latest mobile Internet technology to enhance the WeChat public platform, micro website and other new media service platforms, further raising the CXMEEs information technology standards.


The 18th CXMEE received extensive coverage in the domestic and overseas press. About 420 journalists from nearly 70 media organizations and leading portals covered the events, including Peoples Daily, Xinhua News Agency, the Central Peoples Broadcasting Station, China Radio International, CCTV, China News Agency, Economic Information Daily, International Business Daily, 21st Century Business Herald, Peoples Net, Xinhua Net, Sina, Tencent, Hexun, Phoenix Net, China Taiwan Net, Taiwan China Times, and Taiwan Now News. The CXMEEs opening ceremony was prominently featured on CCTV Channels I and IV on the same day. According to incomplete statistics, there were more than 8,200 news stories on the CXMEE. The extensive coverage had further enhanced CXMEEs global name recognition and influence.


With the steady growth of the ties across the Taiwan Straits, the economic and trade exchange and cooperation look certain to enjoy greater opportunities for expansion in 2015. The CXMEE Organizing Committee will continue to follow its guidelines of professionalism, internationalization, market-based operations, and incorporation of information technology, accentuate its unique advantages with regards to Taiwan, and complement the implementation of the Beautiful Xiamen strategy, continuously expand the space and sectors of cross-straits exchange and cooperation, further tap its role as a bridge in cross-straits exchange and industrial interaction and integration, and facilitate the industrial transformation and upgrading in Xiamen and Chinas southeastern regions, thereby making greater contribution to the common prosperity of cross-straits prosperity and the development of the peaceful relations across the Taiwan Straits.