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History of CXMEE

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--------------------------------- The Seventeenth CXMEE ---------------------------------


The17thChina Xiamen Machinery andElectronics Exhibition(CXMEE) marked the firstmajor trade event between mainland china and Taiwan since the 18thParty Congress and drew a significant number of participants from around theworld, especially from the business communities on both sides of the TaiwanStraits. Compared with previous editions, this just-concluded CXMEE had alarger scale, broader participation, higher standards, richer content, betterresults, and greater brand influence, injecting fresh vitality into theeconomic and trade exchange across the Taiwan Straits. It represented aweeklong “honeymoon” for participants from the business communities on bothsides of the Taiwan Straits to network, bond and trade with each other.

I. Expanded Exhibition andEnhanced Standards of Specialization

The17th CXMEE was staged on exhibition floors totaling 80,000 squaremeters, 15,000 square meters or 2o percent more than last year, setting a newrecord. This year’s CXMEE consisted of seven specialized exhibitions formachine tools and equipment; rubber and plastic packaging machinery;instruments and industrial controls; industrial molds, pump valves andmaterials; energy-efficient lighting; security protection equipment; andengineering machinery. Moreover, the fifth china (Xiamen) InternationalConstruction Machinery and Building Material Machinery Exhibition, as well asthe 2013 china (Xiamen) Energy-saving Lighting Exhibition, the Public SecurityTechnology and Fire Protection Products Exhibition, and the Premium TaiwaneseCommodities Exhibition were staged to coincide with the CXMEE.

1.Taiwanenterprises continued to play an active role at the CXMEE. A total of 972 enterprises staged exhibitions at the CXMEE, including 232from Taiwan, accounting for 24% of the total. Taiwan-based and Taiwan-fundedenterprises occupied nearly 800 booths, approximately 30% more than last year.

1.The CXMEE proved popular among previous exhibitors.Nearly 80% of the exhibitors at this year’s CXMEE are repeat exhibitorsfrom previous years. Many renowned enterprises, such as Beijing Jingdiao,Haitian Plastics Machinery, chen Hsong, Hi-tech Semiconductors, Yamazaki Mazak,SMC and KSS, have participatedinthe CXMEE for more than ten times. The continual involvement of theserepeat exhibitors is a testimony of the substantial results of participationinthe CXMEE, theexhibition’s increased sophistication and long-term appeal to exhibitors.

1.Industry giantscongregated at the CXMEE. Nearly 100 international renowned brands ofmachinery, including America’s Haas and Hurco; Japan’s Sadick, Yamazaki Mazak,Toshiba, Panasonic Welders, Ishikawajima and Sumitomo; and Germany’s Siemens,staged larger exhibitions at the year’s CXMEE thaninprevious years. Leadingchinese machinery builders, such as Shenyang Machine Tools Group, Han’s Laser,Jiangsu Yawei and Yangli Group also expanded their presence at the CXMEE.European company Wittmann-Battenfeld, the builder of the world’s first plasticinjector and the leading global supplier of robots and custom automation,participatedinthe CXMEE for the first time, staging an exhibition of more than 200square meters and securing deals valued at approximately RMB 4 million,becoming a highlight of the CXMEE. The collective presence of the industrygiants further demonstrated the CXMEE’s brand appeal.

1.A vast array of high-tech products showcased.Taiwan’sVision Wide Tech showcased its brand-new gantry-type five-side processingcenter. XGMA displayed its brand-new E-series crawler excavators, H-seriesloaders, and E-series forklift trucks. Mingxin Welding Technology Services Co.,Ltd. exhibited Japan OTC’s latest gas protection welding robot and argon archwelding filament-filling robot. Fuzhou Si-te demonstrated grinders madebyGerman company Schleifring, the world’s leading grindermanufacturer, as well as machine tools from Japan’s Yamazaki Mazak. Theexhibited Staubli industrial robots represented the highest standards ofoperating speed, precision, maneuverability and user environmentinthe industry. The broadrange of high-tech and new products showcased at the CXMEE attracted theattention of industry insiders and helped raise the standards of thespecialization of the CXMEE.

1.Taiwancommodities proved popular. Theyear’s Taiwan Premium Commodities Exhibition featured 138 Taiwan enterprises,which set up 200 booths, 125 more than last year. The vast array of productsand foodstuffs from Taiwan attracted numerous shoppers. The exhibition enhancedXiamen’s status as the center of trade across the Taiwan Straits.

II. Trade Professionals Congregate atCXMEE and Brand Effects Boosted

Theyear’s CXMEE enjoyed vigorous support from Ministry of Commerce, the StateCouncil Taiwan Affairs Office, the Ministry of Science and Technology, theGeneral Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, theCPC Fujian Provincial Committee, and Fujian Provincial Government. Asignificant number of domestic and overseas business organizations sentdelegations ledbysenior officials to the CXMEE, including the china Machinery andElectronic Products Import and Export chamber of Commerce, the chinaInternational Contractors Association, the Association of Economy and Tradeacross the Taiwan Straits, the china Machinery and Automobile ExhibitionFederation, the china Foundry Association, the Fujian Machinery IndustryAssociation, and the Taiwan Association of Industry and Commerce, the TaiwanCross-Straits Common Market Foundation, the Taiwan Electrical and ElectronicManufacturers’ Association, the Xiamen Taiwan Investors Association, theImporters and Exporters Association of Taipei, the Taichung World Trade Center,the Taipei Business Association, the Hong Hong Xiamen Association, and theTaiwan Trade Center.

Accordingto statistics releasedbythe organizing Committee, this year’s CXMEE drew 37,000 trade visitorsfrom 33 countries and regions, including 4,900 from abroad. Taiwan remained thelargest source of overseas visitors, with 2,300 business peopleinattendance, accountingfor 47 percent of overseas trade visitors. Other major sources of tradevisitors included Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, the United States,the Philippines and Macao. Domestically, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Shenzhen,Anhui, Harbin, Dalian and Henan sent delegations to the CXMEE as a learningexperience. The active participation of the business communities across theTaiwan Straits demonstrated the vitality and influence of the CXMEE and thebroad potential of economic and trade exchange across the Taiwan Straits. TheCXMEE has been recognized as a leading exhibition connecting mainland china toTaiwan, focused on the Asia-Pacific region, and oriented towards the wholeworld.

III. Lively Business Talks and FruitfulResults

1.Lively On-spot Business Talks and Significant Exhibition Results. Under the arrangements of the organizing Committee, trade visitors fromall around the world flocked to the CXMEE to explore business opportunities.Many exhibiting enterprises reported remarkable results from the CXMEE and themajority of exhibiting enterprises received orders or preliminary partnershipagreements. For example, XGMA’s E-series forklift trucks on display werepurchased on the day of the opening ceremony. A Singaporean buyer ordered morethan 40 sets of XGMA sanitation equipment. The orders that XGMA received at theCXMEE are estimated at RMB 50 million. Zhangzhou Mingxin Welding TechnologyServices Co., Ltd. signed preliminary supply contracts worth approximately RMB40 million. Han’s Laser sold products worth of RMB 5 million and signedcontracts valued at more than RMB 20 million. Haitian Plastic Machinery soldproducts worth of RMB 2 million and signed contracts valued at over RMB 10million. chen Hsong sold products worth RMB 4 million and signed contractsvalued at over RMB 10 million. Strong Construction Machinery, a first-timeparticipant, received orders worth more than RMB 2 million. Guangdong Jiamingsold out all of its four plastic injectors exhibited, rakinginRMB 6 million.

1.High-efficiency Matchmaking Platform Established, Boosting IndustrialLinkage across the Taiwan Straits. Atthis year’s CXMEE,inview of market demand and investment trends across the Taiwan Straits, theorganizing Committee hosted three project matchmaking events, achievingsignificant results. at the Cross-Straits Investment and Trade MatchmakingSymposium, 16 Taiwan businesses were matched up with approximately 100 mainlandenterprises, with 15 partnership agreements signed. For example, Taiwan’s 4EDUInformation Co., Ltd. signed a sale contract with the mainland’s HongnengFoodstuff Co., Ltd.; Taiwan’s Weigen World Food Mill entered into a mainlandgeneral distributorship agreement with Shenzhen Yida Supply chain ManagementCo., Ltd.; Taiwan’s Weishengfa Enterprise Co., Ltd. reached a sale deal withHappiness Spring Industrial Trading Co., Ltd.; and Taiwan’s Dajun Co., Ltd.also struck a sale deal with Jufuyuan Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. Moreover,road shows were staged for nine premium projects. The investorsinattendance were fromSeptwolves, Sanneng Investment, Xiamen Aviation Development Limited, EverbrightBank, Kunwu Jiuding Investment, and Haiyi Investment. The organizers eveninvited lawyer You Lei, a partner of Beijing Yingke (Xiamen) Law Firm to commenton the projects. The 2013 Cross-Straits Lighting Procurement MatchmakingSymposium attracted 16 international buyers from Europe, America, BRICS, andthe middle East, as well as nearly 100 exhibitors from Fujian, all majoroptoelectronic parks, municipal regulatory departments, project owners,contracted energy management firms, OEM requestors, designers, Fujian LidaxinGroup, Xiamen San’an Optoelectronics, and Xiamen Hualian Electronics. Leadingenterprises from both mainland china and Taiwan engagedinone-on-one face-to-facetalks, signing orders valued at about US$ 60 million. Many enterprises alsodisplayed their latest products and released information on new technologies atthe symposia. Fujian officials announced various sets of the latest LED standardsas well.

IV. Forums and Seminars Focused on Hot Topicsand Celebrities Attract Attention

Thisyear’s CXMEE included 17 forums and seminars exploring the economy, trade, newmedia marketing, construction machinery, and energy-efficient lighting. A totalof 92 speakers from across the Taiwan Straits addressed the forums which had atotal audience of 5,500.

(I) Matchmaking of the EmergingIndustries across the Taiwan Straits Come into Focus and Policies forFacilitating Cross-Straits Economic and Trade Exchange Are Released.

The2013 Cross-Straits Economic and Trade Forum, themed on the development andcooperation of the emerging industries and modern service industries across theTaiwan Straits, featured a number of distinguished speakers, including chenXing, Director of the Department of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao at the Ministryof Commerce; Zhang Canmin, Vice Mayor of Xiamen; Li Gang, Director of thePolitical Research Section of the General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine; chan Huo-sheng, chairman of the Cross-Strait CommonMarket Foundation; Luo chin-ming, Director-General of the Taiwan Association ofIndustry and Commerce; and Lin Shuxi, Director of the Xiamen Xiangyu BondedArea Administrative Committee. They shared their insightsinthe matchmaking andcooperation of the emerging industries and modern service industries across theTaiwan Straits. Mr. chen Xing revealed that the Ministry of Commerce and theGeneral Administration of Customs plan to expand the second pilot program ofpetty trade with Taiwan. Mr. Li Gang released the Opinions on the Support ofXiamen’s Efforts to Deepen the Integrated Reform and Experiments ofCross-Straits Exchange and Cooperation on behalf of the General Administrationof Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, attracting intense attentionfrom the business communities on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. The forum,jointly organizedbythe CXMEE organizing Committee, the Association of Economy and Tradeacross the Taiwan Straits, and the Cross-Straits Common Market Foundation, hasbecome a major platform to business elites across the Taiwan Straits to pooltheir ideas, reach consensus and explore cooperation opportunities. It’s also aleading platform for government authorities to support the development of theWest Taiwan Straits Economic Region and to release policies aimed atfacilitating economic and trade exchange across the Taiwan Straits.

(II) A Leading Platform for New MediaInteractive Marketing Is Established, Usheringina Brand Marketing Boom.

Theyear’s CXMEE included seven forums on new media marketing, all of which provedimmensely popular. Jointly organizedbythe CXMEE organizingCommittee and, the 2013 Weibo Marketing Convention and three specializedforums explored mobile social media and Weibo marketing approaches.Distinguished speakers included Yuan Yue, chairman of Horizon ResearchConsulting Group and Horizon Youth Public-Interest Entrepreneurship DevelopmentCenter; Jin Pengyuan, CKO of Huangshi Interactive and chief of Durex WeiboOperations; Li Meng, CEO of Beijing Tianxiaxiu Technology Co., Ltd.; Hao chang,founder of Huangtaiji Traditional Food; prominent media observers and renownedsocial media marketing experts, such as Wuhan University professor Shen Yang.The total number of participants exceeded 1,000.

The2013 china Forum on Brand Strategiesinthe New Media Era,organized with the assistance of the ROI Festival organizing Committee as a newco-organizer, explored faith and visions. Distinguished speakers at the forumincluded Cai Wensheng, Beijing Internet Era Technology Co., Ltd.; He Xinhao,chief architect of ROI and CEO of Asia Creative Communication Group; Tao Lei,CEO of Ogilvy & Mather china; Yu Peiwen, CEO of Publicis Groupe; Stevenchang, Zenith Optimedia china; Yi Guangxu, founder of Feibo, whose “cold jokeseries” tops the rankings of Sina with more than 360 million followers; WuXinhong, founder and CEO of “Meitu Xiuxiu”, the most popular application of AppStore and android E-marketinthe photography category; Zhang Yangzheng, vice president of strategiesand business development at the Vogue Media Group; and Huang Fuxing, presidentof Xiamen General Merchandise chamber of Commerce.

Theforum’s organizers invited approximately 800 renowned entrepreneurs to theforums for dialogue with brand communication experts, filling a gapinXiamen’s history ofcreative branding. The 2013 Global Search Engine Marketing Convention, jointlyorganizedbythe CXMEE organizing Committee and Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau,attracted many search engine marketing and mobile Internet marketing experts,as well as Baidu and Google representatives. At the convention, XiamenIndustrial Technology Research Institute unveiled a large-scale collaborativeinnovation service platform based on search principles, and hosted a nationalonline matchmaking symposium on search engines and cloud computing technology.

(III) Formulation of Industry Standards IsFacilitated and Sophisticated Technologies and Products Promoted

Othermajor professional seminars, workshops and exchange events during the CXMEEincluded the 6th Cross-Straits Flat-Panel Display IndustryCooperation Forum, the 2013 Cross-Straits LED Lighting Industry Forum, theCross-Straits Engineering and Construction Industry Seminar, and the StaticPowder Coating Technology Symposium, and the Micro Foaming Technology and FullElectric Motor Seminar, which attracted a significant number of participants.

V. Extensive Press Coverage and BroaderInfluence

The17th CXMEE was extensively reportedinthe domestic and overseaspress. A total of 416 journalists from 68 media organizations and leadingportals covered the events, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, theCentral People’s Broadcasting Station, china Radio International, CCTV, chinaNews Agency, Economic Information Daily, International Business Daily, 21stCentury Business Herald, People’s Net, Xinhua Net, Sina, Tencent, Hexun,Phoenix Net, china Taiwan Net, as well as provincial and municipal mediaoutlets. According to incomplete statistics, there were more than 8,000 newsreports on the CXMEE. The extensive coverage had further enhanced CXMEE’sglobal name recognition and influence.

Asa major supporting event of the year’s CXMEE and as a substantial move forXiamen to promote integrated supporting reform, the Cross-Straits Trade Centerofficially opened for business on April 12 at Xiamen International ShippingCenter. Officials attending the center’s opening ceremony included ZhangMingqing, vice president of the Association for Relations across the TaiwanStraits; chen Xing, Director of the Department of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macaoat the Ministry of Commerce; Zhang Canmin, Vice Mayor of Xiamen; chan Huo-sheng,chairman of the Cross-Strait Common Market Foundation; and Luo chin-ming,Director-General of the Taiwan Association of Industry and Commerce.

Mainlandchina and Taiwan joined hands to stage a successful CXMEE and explore globalbusiness opportunities. With a 17-year track record of growth, the CXMEE hasbeen enjoying a steadily expanding scale, increasing specialization, richercontent, fuller functions, greater results, and rising brand recognition. Ithas become the largest, highest-level and most influential machinery andelectronics exhibition across the Taiwan Straits, playing a vital roleinpromoting the cooperationof the machinery and electronics industries across the Taiwan Straits,infacilitating thedevelopment of the West Taiwan Straits Region, andinenhance the bond betweenresidents on both sides. Moreover, it has become a major platform for Xiamen toimplement its integrated supporting reform, to promote the linkage ofindustries across the Taiwan Straits, and to contribute to the development ofthe West Taiwan Straits Region.

Withthe establishment of direct shipping and trade links across the Taiwan Straitsand with the implementation of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement,the economic ties between mainland china and Taiwan have entered into a freshphase of development. At the same time, the development of the West TaiwanStraits Region isinfull swing. At present, Xiamen is deepening its integrated supportingreform for cross-straits exchange and cooperation, speeding up the developmentof the Demonstration Zone for the Cooperation of the Emerging Industries andModern Service Industries across the Taiwan Straits, the SoutheastInternational Shipping Center, the Cross-Straits Regional Financial ServiceCenter, and the Mainland Taiwan-oriented Trade Center. Moreover, the city ispromoting growth beyond Xiamen Island and accelerating its integration withZhangzhou and Quanzhou. As such, the CXMEE organizing Committee will seize thishistorical opportunity and introduce innovative approaches to presentspecialized CXMEE according to market principles. It will continue to takesolid steps to expand and strength the CXMEE and build it into an unrivalledplatform for economic and exchange across the Taiwan Straits, thereby makingnew contributions to the promotion of economic and trade exchange and thedevelopment of peaceful relations across the Taiwan Straits.

Major Events

April 11 (Thursday)

1.PressConference of 17th CXMEE (15:30)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 306, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Attendance:80 people

Sponsor:CMEXX Organizing Committee

Responsible Organizations: Informationand Secretarial Sections of Organizing Committee

Participants:Organizing Committee Leaders andJournalists

Contact:Xiamen Bureau of Convention &Exhibition Affairs

Liao Bin:+86-592-2669838,13806066671

Chen Yin:+86-592-2669790,18059811487

Publicity Department of CPC Xiamen Municipal Government

Xu Hui: +86-592-5146348,13515963357

2.Receptionfor 17th CXMEE (18:30-19:45)

Venue:MultifunctionalHall, 5/F, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Attendance:200 people

Sponsors:CPC XiamenMunicipal Government; Xiamen Municipal People’s Government

Responsible Organizations:XiamenMunicipal Reception Office

XiamenBureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs

Participants:Domestic and foreign officials and guests

Contact:Xiamen Municipal Reception Office

ChenShaozhen: +86-592-5359617, 13906051556

Xiamen Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs

Zhao Jianhua:+86-592-2669805,13606050686

April 12 (Friday)

3.OpeningCeremony of 17th CXMEE (9:00)

Venue:West Lobby, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Attendance:2,000 people

Sponsors:CMEXX Organizing Committee

ResponsibleOrganization:Integrated Section ofCXMEE Organizing Committee

Participants:Domestic and foreign guests anddelegation representatives

Contact:Wang Peicheng:+86-592-2669803, 13606069898

LinJunyi: +86-592-2669810, 13906001777

4.LaunchCeremony of Cross-Straits Trade Center (15:00)

Venue:Entrance to Business Bldg., Area D,Xiamen Int’l Shipping Center

Attendance:60-80 people

Sponsors:Xiamen Commerce Bureau

XiamenXiangyu Bonded Zone Administrative Committee

XiamenBureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs

ResponsibleOrganization:Xiangyu Group

Participants:Domestic and foreign officials andguests

Contact:Xiamen Commerce Bureau


Forums & Seminars

April 12 (Friday)

1.2013Cross-Straits Economic and Trade Forum – Theme: Development and Cooperation ofEmerging Industries and Modern Service Industries (9:50-12:00)

Venue: Int’l Conference Hall, 4/F, Hall 1,Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Moderator: Wang Liaoping, President ofAssociation of Economy & Trade across Taiwan Straits

Sponsors:Cross-StraitsAssociation of Economic and Trade Exchange

Cross-Straits Common Market Foundation

CXMEE Organizing Committee

Speakers:Leaders of Ministry of Commerce

LiuKeqing, Mayor of Xiamen

Leader of General Administration of QualitySupervision, Inspection and Quarantine

Kong Jingyuan, Director of System ReformDept., National Development & Reform Commission

Chan Hou-sheng, Chairman of Cross-StraitsCommon Market Foundation

KennethLo, Chairman of Taiwan Association of Industry & Commerce

LinShuxi,Director of Xiangyu Bonded Area Administrative Committee

Inquiries:Xiamen Bureau of Convention &Exhibition Affairs

ChenWenshui:+86-592-2669857, 13950083071

ZhangHua:+86-592-2669859, 13779999633

2The 6th Cross-Straits FPDCooperation Forum (9:30-17:30)

Venue: ConferenceRoom 306, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsor:Xiamen Municipal Government

Inquiries:XiamenBusiness Promotion Center

CenXingda: +86-592-5365329, 13030871145

3.2013Cross-Straits LED Lighting Industry Forum – LED Smart Lighting (9:40-12:0014:00-18:00)

Venue:SeaviewHall, 4/F, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsors:Xiamen Municipal People’s Government

FujianProvincial Department of Science & Technology

FujianProvincial Department of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation

FujianProvincial Department of Information Technology

Inquiries:Xiamen Optoelectronics IndustryAssociation

ChenJinxing: +86-592-2020315, 18959200071

YaoQunhui: +86-592-2028646, 13599538016

4.WestTaiwan Straits Brickmaking Technology & New Process Symposium (14:30-17:00)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 401, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsors:CXMEEOrganizing Committee

Officeof Fujian Leadership Group for Development of New Building Materials

Inquiries:Feichi Business Services Co., Ltd.

HuangGuocai: 13906022177


5.BureauVeritas Promotion Seminar (14:30 – 17:00)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 305, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center




6.PromotionSeminar for South Chongqing Industrial Zone (15:00-16:00)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 303, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsor:ChongqingTongnan County People’s Government

Inquiries:SouthChongqing Industrial Zone Administrative Committee

TanCheng: 13808365033

FeichiBusiness Services Co., Ltd.

Shen Baoyu:13959280990

April 13 (Saturday)

7.WeiboMarketing Forum 2013 (9:00-11:30)

Venue:MultifunctionalHall, 5/F, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsors:SINA, CXMEE

Inquiries:SINA Xiamen

Chen Nuoyun:13950139878

8.WeiboMarketing for Government Administration (14:00-17:20)

Venue:Room306, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center


Inquiries:SINA Xiamen

Chen Nuoyun:13950139878

9.WeiboMarketing for Financial Service Provider (14:00-16:20)

Venue:MultifunctionalHall, 5/F, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center


Inquiries:SINA Xiamen

Chen Nuoyun:13950139878

10.WeiboMarketing for Automobile Industry (14:00-16:50)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 401, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center


Inquiries:Sina Xiamen

Chen Nuoyun:13950139878

11.2013Cross-Straits Energy-saving Lighting Procurement Information Release Conference(9:00-12:00)

Venue:Seaview Hall, 4/F, Hall 1, XiamenInt’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsors:Xiamen Municipal People’s Government

FujianProvincial Department of Information Technology

Fujian Provincial Department of ForeignTrade & Economic Cooperation

Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Science &Technology

Inquiries:Xiamen Optoelectronics IndustryAssociation

Lu Hongling: +86-592-2025229; 18060991220

12.Globalsearch for technological innovation in 2013MADCon Applications Conference


Venue:Int’lConference Hall 1, 4/F, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsors:TaiwanTrade Fair Organizing Committee, Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau

Inquiries:Xiamen Interactive Time CulturalCommunication Co., Ltd.

TuZhenting: 18910073578

13.ElectrostaticPowder Coating Technology Exchange Seminar (10:30-11:30)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 303, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsor:ChengYeChen (CYC)Machinery


Wang Wenjuan:18965108215

14.Seminar on Micro-foaming Technology & Fully AutomaticElectric Motors (13:30-16:30)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 305, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsor:Borch Machinery Co., Ltd.

Inquiries:BorchMachinery Co., Ltd.

LiaoAli: 13860176001

15.Cross-StraitsEngineering & Construction Machinery Industry Exchange Seminar (14:00-17:00)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 303, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsors:ConstructionMachinery Branch of Fujian Engineering & Construction Quality & SafetyAssociation, Construction Machinery Branch of Xiamen Engineering &Construction Material and Equipment Association, Taipei Construction MachineryIndustry Association

Inquiries:Feichi Business Services Co., Ltd.

HuangGuocai: 13906022177


16.2013China New Media Branding Strategy Forum (15:00-18:00)

Venue:Auditoriumof Xiamen University Science & Art Center

Sponsor:ROI Festival Award Committee

Inquiries:ChengpengCultural Communication Co., Ltd.


April 14 (Sunday)

17.XiamenSecurity Protection Industry Supply & Marketing Exchange Seminar (Morningof April 14)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 304, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Sponsor:Xiamen Security Protection Industry

Inquiries:Hetongjia Cultural CommunicationCo., Ltd.


Matchmaking Symposia

April 12 (Friday)

1.Roadshowsof Premium Projects (14:00-16:30)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 226, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center


Sponsor:CXMEEOrganizing Committee

Organizer:XiamenBureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs

Participants:Exhibitors, Investment Institutions and InvestmentAttracting Institutions around China

Contact:XiamenBureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs

ZhengYiqi: +86-592-2669835, 13850078733

2.Cross-StraitsInvestment & Trade Matchmaking Symposium (14:30-16:30)

Venue:ConferenceRoom 304, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center


Sponsors:CXMEEOrganizing Committee; Importers & Exporters Association of Taipei

Organizers:XiamenBureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs; Importers & ExportersAssociation of Taipei

Participants:Enterprises of Machinery, Electronic, Agricultural, and FoodIndustries from Taiwan, Domestic Manufacturers Interested in the Fair

Contact:XiamenBureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs

ZengJunsheng: +86-592-2669836, 13959290602

April 13 (Saturday) & April 14 (Sunday)

3.2013Cross-Straits Energy-Saving Lighting Product Procurement Matchmaking Symposium (14:00-16:00,April 13; 9:00-12:00 April 14)

Venue:ConferenceRoom, 2/F, Hall 1, Xiamen Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center

Attendance:20buyers and 100-plus mainland enterprises

Sponsors: CXMEEOrganizing Committee

Fujian Provincial Department of Science& Technology

Xiamen Science & Technology Bureau

Xiamen Economic Development Bureau

Xiamen Commerce Bureau

Organizers:Chamberof Commerce of Fujian Energy-saving Lighting Export Base

FujianRadio & Television Industry Association

XiamenOptoelectronics Industry Association

Inquiries:XiamenOptoelectronics Industry Association

Yao Qunhui: 13599538016